Remembering when ESPN wrecked Fantasy Baseball

I woke up this morning to find that Yahoo Fantasy Sports had taken away my stats from the Cardinals v. Pirates rain-out last night, but didn’t give me credit for Doug Fister’s win in Seattle or Bobby Parnell’s flame-throwing inning and a third in last night’s Colorado blizzard night-cap. These were stats that should have had me tied for first place at the end of last night. It got me thinking a little bit. It had me revisiting a nightmare.

It was just a few days over six years ago that ESPN Fantasy Baseball caught some kind of bug that wiped out the first two weeks of fantasy baseball action in 2007.

Honestly, I decided that day I was done with ESPN Fantasy Baseball forever. All the Talented Mr. Roto chats in the world couldn’t make up for the fact that they erroneously wouldn’t be able to count stats that occurred in the first two weeks of the season. They announced every league member¬†would be starting from scratch after they fixed the glitch two weeks into the season. It was horrific.

Hopefully Yahoo can right the ship. There were some suspended games and rain-outs across the country last night, so you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s just hope they don’t end up like ESPN did in 2007. You’re the largest sports empire in the world, and you can’t get your fantasy games statistics right? Unacceptable.