Rank Relief: John Axford gets the hook

Rank Relief 4.7.13

A familiar face has fallen to us this Sunday afternoon.  And if John Axford somehow stays in the “closer” role much longer I have a feeling we’ll become well acquainted.  Axford came in to the game in the 10th and actually completed a clean inning.  Just like at the poker table sometimes you just have to take a profit and get the hell out of there – and if Axford works a clean inning in extras, don’t dance with devil too long.  Defying this sound logic, Ron Roenicke sent Axford out again in the 11th.  This what happened:

Rank Relief2 4.7.13

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen that look on Axford’s face.  Until next time John.

Note:  We almost had our first double rank relief as our old friend Heath Bell gave up one run in the bottom of the 11th, but alas was able to close out the game.

  • Ross

    The man is paid 5 million this year. Don’t pay that kind of money if he can’t pitch more than 1 inning! Either he should go or the GM. Good Lord, Don’t the head office realize the fans are the ones footing the bill? No fans , no paycheck!


    We have seen THIS toooo often from Ax. Melvin has to do something.. don’t blame the Brewer bats Sunday., they were let down again by poor closer relief.