We saw Bryce Harper destroy Mike Leake live; it couldn’t have happened to a better guy

It’s always been on my sports bucket list to see Bryce Harper hit a home run live while I was at the park. Just 144 career games and 25 home runs into his big league career, I can cross it off my list.

It never would have been made possible without the help of Mike Leake. Mike, we salute you. Also, some scout somewhere should be fired for giving Reds his blessing to draft this kid in the first round. The way bats were connecting with Leake’s pitches today–and every day that he throws–it is painfully obvious the Reds are never going to get much of a return on this guy. Scouts are wrong all of the time, and they were wrong on Leake.

But this post is not about when the scouts were wrong, it’s about a guy whom they were so right about. He goes by the nicknames ‘Bam Bam’ and ‘Mondo’. He did not disappoint today. And I mean really, are there any two guys more different in ability than Leake and Harper? I don’t think Mike Leake could beat Harper in anything, even theft. And Mike Leake is damn good at theft.

Full report coming on this game sometime tomorrow, but we’ve got to catch some sleep. We’re catching a ride back to Cincinnati in the morning to see Strasburg pitch. And just maybe there will be more to add to the section of the blog where Harper tasers some poor, unsuspecting righty like Leake.