One of the most entertaining games I’ve ever attended


[Box Score]

First off, in this game there were six home runs hit. Five of them were by the Nationals.

Now that’s exciting, because most games you attend don’t feature six home runs in today’s game. Great American ballpark played like Great American. Even my wife said the game was exciting and made it through three hours and thirty minutes of baseball with a fair amount of whooping and hollering.

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Former Reds manager and current Nationals gunnery drill sergeant Davey Johnson was honored before the game with engraved cocktail glasses, and an ice bucket.


I’m just glad I got to see Davey before he retired, or kills Dan Haren.


New at the park this year if you haven’t been yet, Frisch’s Big Boy! Now I know people will get excited about this but I want you to tamper your expectations. I mean, ballpark food is largely a rip off nowadays. Unless you’re grabbing a bottle of water and a bag of peanuts, stuff isn’t high quality. If they even offer the Big Boy Sandwich and fries, it’s probably like $12.50. Wow, what a deal.


And here I thought Bryce Harper was bad about signing autographs. He signed for about ten minutes before the national anthem.


Also new at the park this year, the Budweiser patio thingamajigger. I didn’t venture out there, but it looks cool. There’s also a ‘Bowtie Budweiser Home Run Deck’ by the bullpen. It’s similar to that thing in left field at Progressive Field but it’s in right.


This is a Washington Nationals scout. Anyone know who this guy is? I want this guy’s life, especially after watching Trouble With the Curve last night for the first time when I got home. I want to be a scout. They don’t have wives. They don’t have responsibilities. Their only schedule involves baseball diamonds and bars. In my next life, I’m going to be a scout.


There he is, perhaps the future greatest there ever was. Live and in person. I can always tell my kids I’ve seen Bryce Harper hit a long one. And if I’m still paying for the rent on this website perhaps I’ll dig up this post.


This game didn’t really get whacky until another all-time great, Joey Votto; hit a triple off the left field wall in the bottom of the 9th inning. This came off Rafael Soriano. My fantasy team could not afford the blown save, but I figure Soriano will be okay and I was glad my Reds rallied.


II mean, I got to see Roger “The Shark” Bernadina play live. Also, Jonathan Broxton shit on him in like four pitches or so.


I’m counting on Soriano in fantasy baseball mightily this season. I largely decided I’m not going to pay for saves, except for this guy. I drafted him high across several leagues. Now I’m wondering how many more blown saves until my investment is gone on the guy.


Just another solid afternoon in Reds Country. And I’m headed back today to see Stephen Strasburg against Johnny Cueto. I have to run.