Legends don’t just homer on Opening Day; they homer twice


When I saw that Ricky Nolasco was named the Marlins’ Opening Day starting pitcher, immediately a light went on that I was probably going to see a Bryce Harper home run in his first Opening Day game.

As he usually does, he did one better. He hit two, with the second being a towering shot to right field. In case you were in your cubicle this afternoon went Bryce Harper gave the Nationals fan base the best Opening Day of their fanhood, here are the customary Harper’s bombs.

Number one on the season, number 23 on his career:

And the shot that put Bryce Harper atop the MLB leaderboard:

Harper is the youngest player to ever homer twice on Opening Day. For all those pundits and bloggers calling him a 20 year old, he’s actually seven days short of that.

And when Harper homers, they come in bunches. It’s amazing how the big park that plays big somehow plays so suddenly small when Harper torques the bat and squares one up.