Bryce Harper Destroys Jon Rauch & an MLB 13 The Show Review

harper bomb

Jon Rauch’s video game slider just lost it’s virginity.

I finally figured out how to hit on this game. It’s coming together folks. If you haven’t bought the game yet and you’re wondering what to expect, read a full review on MLB 13 The Show over at Kotaku.

I’m going back to hitting cyber bombs.

  • HustlinOwl

    I had to adjust to the slower pitch speeds in MLB 13 and this is by far the best one yet.

  • I feel like you say this every year though.

    IMO, the hitting is broken in this game. I destroy teams on All-Star difficulty. It used to be the most sim-style skill level. Hall of Fame is unrealistically hard. I can’t hit at all. There is no sweetspot in gameplay this year (hitting really) and it’s ruined the game. Whatever they’ve done to it, they need to fix via a patch or server-side update. It’s completely broken right now.