MLB ’13 The Show Starring Andrew McCutchen Comes out at Midnight


The day should be considered a holiday on this blog. This day. The day in which the greatest sports video game ever produced comes out each year. If only I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

At midnight this evening (12:01 actually) you’ll be able to download a digital version of MLB ’13 the Show on your Playstation 3. You won’t need a disk to play it. You can play it right on the PS3 without any hardware whatsoever.

And naturally, why wouldn’t I do this? There’s no midnight release at the local Gamestop, I don’t have to waste any gas, I don’t have to worry about my dog chewing up the disk. This is perfect.

The big features I’m excited about are the scouting system in franchise mode and the dynamic team budgets that are tied to team performance. For instance, if you can make the Pirates into a perennial contender (good luck with that) you’ll be able to get more spending revenue to go out and acquire players that would normally only sign with a major market team.

I have spent a lot of time through the years playing with the Reds in franchise mode. If you’re wondering who I’m going to roll with to start this year, see below.


Look at that eye black!

I’m a Reds fan, but my initial task is going to be to get Harper, Strasburg and Davey Johnson that ring that eluded them last season.

And as for household chores, nothing is getting done at my house until November. There are pennants to win in the cyber baseball world of MLB 13 The Show.