Adam Dunn is a Hollywood Movie Star


Adam Dunn has long been one of our favorite athletes of all-time. Nothing can ever change that, not time nor space or argument from opposing fan about him being wortless defensively or a beer league softball player. He is spoken of as icon status on this blog, do you understand?

We always knew Dunner was capable of big things, and now he’s about to delve into a new realm and unleash his talents on the silver screen. Adam Dunn is going to be in a movie directed by Matthew McConaughey this summer.

Matthew McConaughey has a new movie coming out this summer called “Dallas Buyer’s Club” that, according to IMDB, tells “the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live.”

Dallas Buyer’s Club sounds like an unbelievable movie in the mold of Boogie Nights or something close. I would want to see it even if Dunn’s part was played by Casey Affleck or someone else who can’t act. To get Dunn is just a bonus. Hopefully he’s one of Ron Woodroof’s skirt-chasing, hard drinking sidekicks. This would be a natural role for Dunn that he played well in his years in Cincinnati before he settled down (it happens to us all around age 30).

This is the highlight of my very sad, boring day.

UPDATE: Dunn is cast as a bartender in the movie. This is perfect.

  • Jesse Austin

    As a lifelong White Sox fan who must endure Adam Dunn’s doughnut-hole presence in the middle of the team’s lineup, I can affirm two widely-held observations expressed in your article: Dunn is a beer league-level slugger who is worthless on defense.

  • Justin

    I’m just glad, as a Reds fan, we got the best years out of Dunn before shipping him off. For this reason, Adam Dunn is A-OK in my book. Oh, and sorry Chicago, we used all his talent in Cincinnati.

  • The only acceptable film role for Adam Dunn is a lumberjack who pulls tree stumps out of the ground with this bare hands.

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