So you think you’re a HotShot?

Hot Shot Slots
Step up to the plate and see how many home runs you can smack out of the park in this high score baseball gaming app from Spin Palace.  See if you can make it all the way to the big league in the world of international baseball, with cool, chunky graphics and original arcade game-play: it’s a must for all slot enthusiasts.

The Hot Shot Slot is a five-reel, nine payline, and nine coin slot machine.  Bats and baseballs surround the game to help to add to the design and help it to have a complete baseball related experience.  The sounds in the game include the crowd in the background, the sound of a bat hitting a ball, and other fitting sounds.
The game is about baseball and everything about the game is put together in a way to bring the theme together. The sporting theme of the game is not only enjoyed by sports fans, but also by players who like to enjoy an excellent online slots game.

It is a middle of the road game with regards to its betting range.  It can be enjoyed for as little as 0.25, anytime of the day or night.  The maximum is worth 1,000 coins.

The symbols in the Hot Shot game include baseballs and mitts, coffee, popcorn, home run symbols, fries, candy, hats, batters, hotdogs, wild balls, etc. Each time you play this game, you will find it to be an exciting experience in which you will look forward to coming back to enjoy again.
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The timer is running, but what’s more important is your timing.

Master your baseball reactions and timing and become the home run champion, only at Spin Palace Mobile.