Ruh Roh Ryan


It would appear that Ryan Braun knew Anthony Bosch (Biogenisis Lab Guy) a little bit better than he led on:

The list was written in April, in the hand of Biogenesis of America clinic founder Anthony Bosch. Among the names is the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun, and to the right of that name is a figure: $1,500.

That list, a source familiar with Bosch’s operation told “Outside the Lines,” indicates that those players received performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch, and owed him money. The document, one of dozens obtained by “Outside the Lines,” suggests a closer link to Bosch and the now-shuttered clinic he ran in Coral Gables, Fla., than Braun has acknowledged.

I used to think Ryan Braun was pretty nifty. At this point, he’s moving into A-Rod territory pretty quickly. I want this guy to go down and go down hard.

And if he’s innocent, I’ll worry about apologies later. $1500 is a lot of coin to pay for advice, though.

Image h/t: ESPN OTL