Bryce Harper is Gunning for your MLB The Show 13 Cover

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Bryce Harper probably understands what it means to be on the cover of a video game more than guys did when I was a kid. No one talks about Wheaties box covers anymore, it’s all about Madden cover votes and such. More recently, MLB The Show has joined the ranks of high profile sports games to employ their stars in a cover vote contest.

“When you’re younger, you always dream of being in a video game, or being on the cover,” Harper said by telephone last week, during a photoshoot framing him for the prospective cover. “Winning a World Series would be the top-notch goal, but off the field, this is something very cool.”

SCEA Sports is the maker of The Show series, and has always put out a great line of video games. If Bryce Harper lands on the cover of the 2013 game; it’s going to move up even higher on my totem pole which I previously didn’t think was possible.

Watch them get really tricky like a fox and put Mike Trout in this cover vote.