The Baseball Show: The Miami Marlins are a Barren Wasteland Edition

Last night on The Baseball Show Podcast, co-hosts Mike Rosenbaum and M.J. Lloyd and I discussed the following topics:

-The Marlins/Blue Jays blockbuster trade
-The Toronto Blue Jays chances in the AL East
-Why it sucks to be a Marlins fan
-Giancarlo Stanton’s future in Miami
-What is it like to be a Marlins fan right now?
-The prospects on the way to Toronto via trade
-Torii Hunter leaves Anaheim for Detroit
-Thoughts on all season awards

And as always much more in between!

A Few of Bryce Harper’s Teammates Made Sure this NLDS jack was the Last Homer he would hit this year

This was the greatest postseason collapse that I’ve ever seen. Such an epic collapse that coming on the heels of the Cincinnati Reds epic collapse  I actually decided to take extended time off from the blog.

There’s no more ‘Take on Me’. Hell, with the Nats flipping a coin to decide between Mike Morse and Adam Laroche, we might never hear it again. But the memories shall remain glorious. And if this was the last version of A-ha that we’ll hear at Nationals Park in Washington, it was probably the best one.

I thought that Bryce Harper was going to have a huge postseason. Instead, he only had a huge game five. And he didn’t pack up his things for the off season before he did this:

When the winter snow clears, he’ll be back. And he’ll be assaulting stadium seats with rapier shots at the young age of twenty. I can’t frickin’ wait!