These Guys are Like Family

I was talking with Mrs. Diamond Hoggers tonight. We were talking about the impending baseball playoffs and the stress I’m feeling about the Reds. She mentioned that as long as her Yankees make the World Series she’ll be happy. And then she quickly had a turn of face.

Like I pointed out in jingoistic fashion, this is really her team. Even if she doesn’t know it. How could you not root for the Reds? She’s practically grown up with these guys. When she married me, she also married Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Homer Bailey, Drew Stubbs, Dusty Baker. These guys have spent more time in our living room than any other male aside from myself the past four or five years. These are the guys that grew up together in the minor leagues hoping to one day have a shot at a run like this.

How could she not pull for the Reds? How could anyone? And with that, she realized what I was saying. She admitted that she would be heartbroken if the day lies ahead that they get eliminated. And what she doesn’t know is she better be ready for my bad behavior; win or lose. Let’s hope it’s only from celebrating victories.

Full preview of the Giants/Reds NLDS to come tomorrow….