Bryce Harper Assaults the Upper Deck Facade at Nationals Park

In my opinion this was the most impressive of all of Bryce Harper’s 12 career home runs. This is just one of those majestic, tape-measure shots that impales the facing of the upper deck. It again comes in a Nationals victory, 5-2 over the Mets.

The poor soul who gives this up is Jeremy Hefner. I would imagine that when a generational talent like Harper gets a fastball down the heart of the plate from a guy like Jeremy Hefner, this is what is going to happen more often than not. Bow your head today, we’re going to allow a moment of silence for the victim, Jeremy Hefner.

Here’s the list of players in baseball history to record at least 12 homers in their age 19 season: Tony Conigliaro (24), Mel Ott (18), Ken Griffey Jr. (16), Mickey Mantle (13) and Bryce Harper (12). That’s decent company. Harper also tripled in the game for good measure.

Here’s footage of the 434-foot blast:

Fun factoid: I was supposed to be at Nationals Park this weekend, and due to some circumstances I didn’t make it. Our friend Craig Calcaterra from Hardballtalk had the opportunity to be there Friday. He writes up a similar-style post that I would have. I’ll get there someday. Everything happens for a reason, as I was planning to go to the game Saturday and Harper wasn’t in the lineup.