Finally, MLB Network is the White Noise that Graces my home

When I got home last night, I wanted to watch the NFL Network and the annual Hall of Fame kickoff exhibition between the Saints and Cardinals. I just got home from vacation this past weekend, and I was looking to actually relax and recover from the drive home. Except something was really wrong.

Follow me here. Time Warner Cable owns Insight Cable. Due to this evil association that has little to do with anything besides getting more of our greenbacks, my Insight no longer had NFL Network. I was so pissed that I immediately called and switched to Direct TV. After years of threats and such to do so, I finally got the gumption to do something about it. See you later Insight.

While flipping through the channels in disgust, I found something in those mid-500’s that I never venture to. What is this ‘MLBN’ that I have only enjoyed at a friend’s house or when over at my parents (proud Time Warner suckers for their entire cable lives)?

I have to say, I’m completely hooked. They cover everybody, and everything. The live-look’s all night long are glorious. My wife went back to New Jersey to see her parents, so tonight I had dinner with Larry Bowa. I really enjoyed listening to the snake-eyed son of a bitch talking about how long Ben Sheets will stick around with the Braves and other mundane topics that no one but a baseball addict like me would give a random shit about.

The coverage is unreal. It’s everything that Baseball Tonight used to be when I was a kid. It matters not what market you are from, or even what standing your organization is in. MLB Network spreads the love evenly.

I’m not even mentioning the games of the week telecasts on sporadic nights when they feel like stuffing you to baseball overload. As much as I enjoyed the NFL Network, the MLB counterpart is a dream come true.