Chris Berman is Hosting the State Farm Home Run Derby This Evening

Get ready for all the ‘back-back-back-back’ your brains can handle, and other thrilling calls such as “He hit that one all the way to Wichita! WOW!”

It’s Chris Berman and the 2012 Home Run Derby. I won’t allow one of my favorite nights of the MLB season to be spoiled by Bristol’s most famous sweat-head. I think I’m going to go with Jose Bautista to win this one tonight. Here’s the odds on tonight’s derby:

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As a kid, I remember one of the big deals on RBI Baseball 4 for the old Sega Genesis was ‘sinking a pearl in the fountain’ of Kansas City. How many dozen times is that going to happen tonight?

We’ll be back with a full recap of the evening’s highlights. Definitely root for Berman to catch something stupid, because we’ll be all over it. Also be on the lookout for good screen shots of the evening’s festivities. It’s too bad Harper, Dunn or Bruce couldn’t have sneaked their way into this competition.