Throwing it Around

The good news for those of you out there who are complaining that you had to work today, is that in just 48 short hours you are to the weekend. And at least your team didn’t get beat by Aaron Harang to end a holiday. Here’s today’s mandatory baseball reads around the internet:

-Aaron Gleeman writes about SABR 42 in Minneapolis. By the way, we’ll be at SABR 43 in Philly. [Aaron]
-How about Hanley Ramirez’s 30-second home run trot yesterday? [Deadspin]
-M.J. Lloyd says Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. [Halo Hangout]
-The Marlins added the prized Carlos Lee. [FanGraphs]
-A look at the NL Rookie of the Year race. [Hardball Talk]
-Big Papi hit his 400th career home run yesterday. []