Homer Bailey Cowboys Up in LA

I watched every moment of the Reds’ quality 8-2 win in Los Angeles last night. I’m digging these late-night start times on the West Coast because it gives me a chance to get things I would normally procrastinate done before the game starts and to be more of a normal human being rather than a guy who adjusts life to see baseball game start times on television.

Couple of things about last night’s game, which I watched from my buddy Joe’s mancave:

1. Homer Bailey – Here’s why you love Homer Bailey. Here’s why you have so many hopes and dreams for the guy, why you think that he could hold the key to getting this team through October playoff series, why you feel the sky is the limit. Bailey gave up a few early runs in this one but settled in to retire either 9 or 10 in a row at one point. In improving to 6-6 (and how many games have the Reds blown for him this year?) he struck out seven and walked just one. In the 8th and final inning for Bailey, he gassed Dodgers hitters to the tune of 97 MPH several times. He has an electric arm. If he ever could just sustain some consistency….

2. Jay Bruce – I kind of figured that Bruce would have a rebound performance of some type from Sunday’s game. He had a nice game hitting clean-up for the second game in a row by going 2 for 3 with a walk, and a great running catch in right field that kept the Reds ahead 3-2.

3. Devin Mesoraco -Two huge run-scoring hits and three big RBI on the night for Mesoraco. He’s only hitting .209 but I really love his swing. He’s going to develop into a really nice offensive catcher for Cincinnati. Huge swings last night. He has a nice, calm flat stroke and last night’s hits couldn’t have came in a bigger spot.

4. Todd Frazier – He doesn’t always get it done beautifully but the dude can just lay the game. I am gaining increasing amounts of faith in the Rutgers product. His swings on breaking stuff on the outer half is downright hideous, but the athlete in him keeps his head above water. He’s a winner. He knows he can play the game. He’ll get better too.

Great win heading into a holiday!