R.A. Dickey is so much fun right now

Look at this man. Does he look like he belongs amongst this pantheon of gladiators of the game’s greatest? No. He looks like he would be taking out your trash at the end of the week from underneath your office desk.

But Robert Alan Dickey is on some kind of run right now.

I’ve been along for the ride; every fluttering, sputtering step of this journey. That’s because in the midst of the most unsuccessful period of fantasy baseball team ownership in 13 years, Dickey has been my guiding light.

Even if the unlikely run comes to an abrupt halt here soon, I’ll still never forget what R.A. Dickey contributed to try and keep my lowly, under-performing squad out of the cellar. Because I’ve never finished in the cellar. And in this year where Felix Hernandez and C.C. Sabathia look to torture me with mediocrity; Dickey must know that I was owed something.

The date was May 26th, and I was in New Jersey at my in-laws. Before heading out to dinner I was trolling the waiver wire looking for a pitcher to stream. I saw that Dickey had the Padres the next day and had struck out 11 hitters against the Pirates his last start. I was desperate.

Since that date, Dickey has unleashed one of the most magical runs I can remember over the course of my lifetime. Last night he fired a one-hitter in Tampa in a 9-1 Mets win. Since I’ve added Dickey to my roster, he’s gone 32.2 innings with a 4-0 record, 39 strikeouts, not a single earned run on the ledger, a 0.55 WHIP, 13 strikeouts to every walk allowed. He’s striking out a cool 10.74 batters per nine.

Dickey now owns the New York Mets all-time scoreless inning streak. His Cinderella run might find him starting on the mound in the All-Star Game in a month. If the ride ends tomorrow, and it’s likely to come to a screeching halt sometime soon; we’ve already been given way more than we could have ever asked for from this unlikely hero.

In a game filled with blazing fastballs and physical specimens, there’s Dickey. He’s built slightly better than your average middle-aged office working paladin. And hitters are completely helpless against what he’s got right now.

R.A. Dickey is awesome, and that word doesn’t even give him his full due.