Happy MLB Draft Day

It’s the 2012 Major League Baseball Draft. If the MLB draft was hyped like the NFL, there would almost be no post required. It would be a huge weekend event that included you drinking beers with your buddies and eating pork rines. Instead, you must rely on MLB.com to tell you that there is no clear-cut #1 overall pick this year.

For those of you that need a Brien Taylor history lesson on why the baseball draft is a crapshoot, right here.

My buddy Mike Rosenbaum follows high school prospects year round. While I’m knee deep in football, he’s driving somewhere where there is snow on the ground to see a lefty junior pitcher throw. If you’re curious about a prospect, ask him about said guy on Twitter today or check out his takes over at Prospect Pipeline.

And here’s to hoping no one takes a Brien Taylor–who would have ever trusted a Brian with an ‘e’ anyways?