10 Cent Beer Night in Cleveland

It was 38 years ago today that should serve as a permanent reminder that Cleveland, Ohio is the armpit of America. The black-eye of an entire state. And they’re not the best fans in sports, they’re the worst.

The insufferable, ultimate-homer fans who dwell there with a sense of entitlement like they deserve things because they’re the only team that’s ever been bad for a prolonged length of time. That’s it Cleveland, you guys deserve to win the Super Bowl because you threw a ton of cheap Stroh’s at some umpires and Texas players back in the day.

Cleveland isn’t Philadelphia, and furthermore it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Winning a title means so much to Cleveland that they in turn curse themselves. Let something else in your lives matter for a little while and maybe one of your turd teams will luck out and get to play for one again.

I used to feel sorry for Cleveland. As an Ohioan I used to really hope for Cleveland’s drought without a championship to end. I cried the night Renteria singled off Charles Nagy back up the box in ’97.

And then I grew up and started to spend time in Cleveland.

I brought my wife to Browns and Indians games. We even did a Cavs game. That’s when I lost my conviction about Cleveland sports and in fact; wanted nothing to do with the city or their fan base in terms of association. What a miserable, depressed area and group of clientele. I’ve never seen so many people looking to self-loath and be negative in my life.

The angst even exists amongst the ushers and stadium workers. I’ve never met so many cold, snarly, and prickly people in my life than a random Sunday in Cleveland Browns Stadium or on a day at Progressive Field.

Cleveland, you get what you deserve. I don’t understand why people celebrate ’10 cent beer night’ in Cleveland like it was the town’s right of passage. Cleveland fans as a whole are a pile of trash. This event was just one more piece of evidence you can throw in their file.

You’re not Philly. You’re not even Oakland. The rest of the sports world has just about forgotten you.

The Indians are even phasing out Chief Wahoo. There’s literally no reason to like one franchise in Cleveland anymore. But hey, have fun with Brandon Weeden this year!