Throwing it Around

Welcome back to work everybody!

Who else spent their morning shaking off the cobwebs? Anyone besides me? Well the first day back from the holiday weekend is half over with, we’re a few hours from getting home to relax and watching some baseball. I’m going to watch a 7:05 game and then flip it back over to Netflix to finish up the Ken Burns series: Baseball. I fell asleep last night as they were talking about Bobby and Barry Bonds. I think I’m in the 10th inning of the series.

Lunch-time links aplenty:

-Our friend Taylor over at MLBeef took his first trip to Safeco Field recently. It’s going to be one of the last parks we get to on our list. Looks like we need to make it a priority though. [MLBeef]
-Phil Mickelson is part of a group of investors that want to buy the Padres. [HardballTalk]
-Paul Konerko and the White Sox, on fire. [Deadspin]
-Tater Trot Tracker times for this past Sunday. [Baseball Prospectus]
-Bryce Harper is making history, and ended up on a list with a guy named Buttercup Dickerson. Dave Cameron will tell you the rest. [FanGraphs]