Bryce Harper aces the Roy Halladay test

Alright, so we realize it’s been an all-out Harper fest in these parts lately. He’s collected multiple hits in 4 out of 5 ballgames and last night he went up against Roy Halladay (a man some 15 years his senior) for the first time.

Flash back to this spring training quote:

The other day, Eckstein and Harper had a conversation about how different major league pitchers would attack him. One National League East starter came up, and Harper described precisely how he thought the pitcher would approach. Eckstein nodded and said, “I think you’re right.”

“There are so many things that go through my head when I’m watching something,” Harper explained Friday. “I’m a little different. I sit there and think. I’ll watch it as a fan, but I’m a player, also. If everybody is looking cutter first pitch, and he’s throwing a get-me-over curveball 90 percent of the time, then you got to sit on that get-me-over curveball and crush it.”

In last night’s 5-2 win in Philly, a get-me-over curveball was exactly what he got. Harper owned it and crushed it, resulting in Harper’s third career triple.

Again, we know the coverage of this kid has been excessive. But as long as he continues to do amazing things, we have to document them. This is the Mickey Mantle of our kid’s lifetime, after all!