UPDATE: Adam Dunn still loves Cinco De Mayo

I apologize that it took a few days to get this up, but it was a holiday. And Adam Dunn delivered. Anyone out there catch this tweet?

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/DiamondHoggers/status/198836287254433792″]

He might be in a new city and a few years removed from when we knew him best, but we still know our Big Donkey.

If you missed it, below is video of Dunner ruining Jose Valverde’s heritage holiday this past Saturday. Yeah, he hit it where balls don’t belong in right field at Comerica Park.

I have illusions of grandeur–Dunn celebrating late into the night with a sombrero on and taking body shots of cheap tequila while disregarding the offered lime or lemon. Even if it didn’t happen, you know it probably should have happened.

How I miss Adam Dunn being in my big league city.