Happy Bryce Harper Day

It’s finally here.

Bryce Harper will make his Major League debut tonight against the Los Angeles Dodgers playing left field at Dodger Stadium. The Nationals aren’t in Washington (I kind of always thought they would be when this day arrived) but Stephen Strasburg is on the hill.

From now on, on this April 28th and each April 28th to follow, it’s Bryce Harper Day.

This is just one of those days that I’ll come home tonight, settle in to catch the game on MLB.tv, and be glad that I took it in. You never forget a Bryce Harper big league debut or the things that occur in the game that shape themselves around the player making his highly-anticipated debut. How will the game come to him? Will he have the chance to be a hero? Will the game decide it’s going 16 long innings and give him 8 at-bats? It’s all exciting to think about.

And does Harper get hit number one of what will be a ride to 3,000 tonight?

Tonight I want you to turn on your televisions or log onto your laptops and do what you need to do to see Bryce Harper’s debut in the big leagues, because someday you’ll tell your children or their children about it. And they’ll probably what to know if they’re worth their salt as a baseball fan.

Did you see Bryce Harper’s big league debut? What were you doing on Bryce Harper Day?

And in closing, anyone remember this post? I made that post when he was 15 years old. I’ve followed a lot of highly touted prospects. Since that day I’ve decided Harper was the finest I had ever laid eyes on.

This is going to be a game-changing event for the sport of baseball. We’ve never seen anything like this. April 28th, 2012: Bryce Harper day.