The Baseball Show: Chipper Jones is Retiring

Last night on The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum (The Golden Sombrero, Bleacher Report), M.J. Lloyd (Halo Hangout, Off Base Percentage) and I discuss the following show topics:

-Mike’s move to Bleacher Report as a featured writer
-Prospects and players that have been impressive around Spring Training thus far
-Chipper Jones’ retirement announcement
-Would you rather have a player hang around as long as possible, or retire on their own terms?
-Dusty Baker on the hot seat, our reaction
-The Arte Moreno GQ interview
-As always, much more and a preview of next week’s over/under & predictions show

  • Paul P. Spence

    Thanks for the memories. I have been a Braves fan for almost 50 years and I think you are by far the best 3rd baseman we have ever had. You have always exemplified all the qualities of a true leader in the sport I love so much. You are definitely a class act for the love of the game Larry. You will be missed only on the field, as the memories of the way you played the game are imprinted on my mind. You had a hell of a go kid. Thank you for your contributions. I’m sure we can always use a great batting coach. DID YOU GET THAT IN THE BRAVES OFFICE? LOL
    The greatest Braves fan ever,
    Paul P. Spence
    207 2nd St. Apt. 6
    Jackson, MN. 56143