Throwing it Around

It’s been a while since we’ve thrown it around. Let’s plan on making this more of a regular occurrence now that it’s baseball season. Here’s a look at some interesting baseball reads around the internet for this March spring day:

-How Aaron Gleeman (baseball blogger/Hardball Talk) lost 150+ pounds. Pretty inspiring. [Aaron]
-FanGraphs is positionally ranking organizations. The Reds fared well at first base. [FanGraphs]
-Craig Calcaterra, you have the life I want. [Hardball Talk]
-Alex Gordon vs. Jay Bruce, from a fantasy perspective. [Roto Arcade]
-You’re getting closer, Bryce Harper. [Washington Times]
-The Twins might be horrible in 2012. [Baseball Prospectus]
-The Reds were featured on MLB Network last night. If your cable provider doesn’t have MLB Network like mine you will be happy I’ve found some segments for you. [ Reds Blog]