MLB ’12 The Show has arrived

Just as we were telling a friend today at work that we were getting too old and no longer really had time for video games.

It’s probably a sign of how busy we’ve been–the date we had marked in that imaginary calendar in our minds got here quicker than we thought it would–but nonetheless we’re considering going out at midnight to pick up a copy. MLB ’12 The Show is available at midnight tonight.

Our boy Steve Berthiaume (noted The Show enthusiast) gives us a really good rundown of this year’s title over at SweetSpot today.

For those of you that aren’t into video games, we still give this one a strong recommendation. It’s the grandaddy of them all in terms of sports gaming experiences.

This year’s marquee feature appears to be hit variety as the result of new ball-spin mathematics created by the team who works on the video game.

Expect a full review soon, along with some updates of my franchise that you surely won’t care about.

  • HustlinOwl

    In Cali, so 50 minutes for me CAN’T WAIT

  • Hustlin: seems a little hard to hit this year bro, do you agree? Still playing on All-Star. I can single the other team to death, hit line drives. But all my hitters are Punch n’ Judy style all the sudden. Even when I ‘Wheelhouse’ & ‘Superb’ it’s often just a single.

    I am on timing hitting. Any tips on why I can’t hit bombs? Hope you’re enjoying the game.