Cincinnati Reds 2012 Over/Under: 87 Wins

I was talking with a co-worker this morning about the Reds 2012 win total. I boasted that I saw it easily between the 90-100 range. Yes, I said 100 wins.

We quickly began guessing at over/under totals. He guessed 84, I said 86. Remember with the O/U, Vegas isn’t trying to predict anything. They’re simply trying to create the most action possible.

According to our friends over at Vegas Watch, the Reds are at 87 wins for 2012’s over/under. This is the same mark as the St. Louis Cardinals are entering the season at. While we’re busy comparing, the Phillies come in at 95.5 and the Giants are at 87.5, those are the only teams ahead of Cincinnati and St. Louis.

How did we get thinking about 2012 win totals? Well the Reds signed Sean Marshall to a 3-year extension today. Everything is coming together nicely for this team to start going off in April. And make papa some money would you? I am all over the over right now.