Diedre Pujols is Ready for California

Albert Pujols’ wife Diedre told a Christian-based radio station today that her husband left the Cardinals in part because he felt spurned by the initial offer given by the club he had played his entire career for.

“When you have somebody say ‘We want you to be a Cardinal for life’ and only offer you a five-year deal, it kind of confused us,” Diedre Pujols said. “Well, we got over that insult and felt like Albert had given so much of himself to baseball and into the community … we didn’t want to go through this again.”

So I guess a decade’s worth of warm fuzzies are all done with for now. At least in terms of how Mr. and Mrs. Pujols feel about the St. Louis area. The future Hall of Famer’s wife also stated that ‘God put us on a team called the Angels’.

Go ahead and read the article for yourself. For all the talk she does of coming to Jesus–and I am not questioning this woman’s faith or values–how hard of a choice to walk to anything was it? I mean, you guys raked in $252 million dollars. So I’d say it’s permissible to stop acting like this was a religious act to pack up the family station wagon and head west for the next decade.