Some teams say they want to win; some go out and actually do it

Something I’ve admired about the Cardinals and Tony LaRussa is their absolute cut-throat buring desire to win ballgames. Yeah, everyone wants to win, but they really want to win. They don’t give up in games, their front office doesn’t give up, and in fact nobody in the organzation gives up.

It was just 2-3 weeks back when Dusty Baker said the goal was to beat St. Louis for second place. Well, the Cardinals battled their way back. I didn’t think they had a chance. But obviously they didn’t see that and feel that way. And now look at them–one game behind Atlanta for a playoff spot. This whole time, Dusty’s boys have been even flatter than they were the rest of the season and have lost ground on their coveted second place trophy in the NL Central.

The Reds pretty well just gave up. From the front office on down. Baker alluded they bought their way back in but I think that’s lazy thinking. It’s a culture thing. And the Reds don’t have it right now.