Jay Bruce is on a mission

Jay Bruce was hitting .275 on August 17th. By no means is that great–but it’s acceptable. You have a down year, you hit .275, alright it happens.

Since that night he’s gone 21 for 114 and hit .184 during the span, bringing his season average down to .255 which is low enough to invoke comparisons to Adam Dunn from Cincinnati fans who don’t realize that Bruce actually adds defensive value (negative UZR & dWAR this season if you’re keeping score at home, by the way) that Dunner never had.

I’ve been saying all season that Jay Bruce was on a mission to the .240’s, and if he hurries and tries his hardest he’s going to make it there.

What a frustrating, stuck in the mud season it’s been for Bruce altogether. You get to the point that you just give up hope, and apparently Bruce has done the same thing because he’s gone about 1 for his last 26.

As lifeless as the Reds have looked each and every night getting trounced by anyone in the league, Bruce has actually contributed to that. With just 8 games to go, Bruce has a chance to hit in the high .230’s. No worries folks, it will be tough but I think old Brucey has shown that he’s plenty capable of it.

We are talking about a player who has played himself from untouchable superstar to a guy who the Reds would certainly listen to offers on even with his fair contract and perceived solid all around play. That’s how inconsistent he has been and that’s how much the lapses in his production hurt the team.

Way to go Jay. Next year aim for the stars, you’ll have every chance to come out and hit .240 or .250 again.