The Arizona DiamondBacks are a reason to keep watching

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The Arizona DiamondBacks wanted to quit. But Justin Upton would not let them quit.

Before this season started, I had this feeling that Jason Heyward was going to be the Ken Griffey Jr. of this era. I’m usually pretty good about nailing those types of things. But I pegged the wrong young player. It’s going to be Justin Upton. Heyward can be some other re-incarnate. Upton is going to be the best player in baseball over the next 10 years. And these Dbacks are the early 90’s Mariners, just getting started.

Because really, who were the Seattle Mariners before Griffey showed up? This situation is so much like that situation that it’s almost not even close.

The Dbacks have to find a way to win this thing. In a postseason that is going to have my Reds shut out of, and have a field of returning teams like the Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers; I’ve got to have someone to pull for.

They have to pull this thing out, and Upton has to end up MVP. There’s no other two ways about it.

Oh, and this is the song that is played after every Diamondbacks home win at Chase Field. It’s called ‘DiamondBacks Swing’.