The night the Reds season flat-lined

[Box Score]

The Reds wasted a 3-run blast by Jay Bruce in the 1st inning; and four RBI overall by the right fielder to lose the game 10-7. This was another one of those countless games during this season where no matter what good the Reds did on the night–they were bound and determined to give it right back as soon as they could in the top frame of the next inning.

They’re now 10 games out behind Milwaukee. What a joke. I obviously think that this is a poorly constructed ball club. But they’re not this poorly constructed. A team with the reigning MVP, and ‘star’ prospects dotting the diamond, with a good mix of veterans and decent young pitching should not be underachieving by this stretch.

It’s inexcusable to be honest.

Think about it on it’s most basic plane. What are the Reds? They’re a sports team. Sports teams are meant to be a form of entertainment to us. They’re meant to distract us from the stresses of daily life. To enlighten us. These guys do anything but those things. They piss me off. Almost 4 to 5 times a week. Even the wins on many a night this season have come on a blown lead and they just barely nip and tuck at the end of the game to pull it out–sapping any form of enjoyment out of the game.

This season really has sucked in almost every way imaginable. The Reds should sit around and discuss amongst themselves the great angst they’ve caused their fan base and wonder what each of them has to do to change this course of action for next season. It’s one thing to lose ballgames; but to do it in the fashion that this bunch does it is not normal. It’s always something with these guys–they’re like a hypochondriac that has a new ailment as soon as the doctor gives them a clean bill of health.

Last night, the season truly ended. As if it hadn’t ended during those gut-wrenching losses in Milwaukee just before the All-Star break. Or losing the series to the Astros a week ago. Or losing 2 of 3 to Chicago over this past weekend. This was it. They’re done.