Justin Upton propels the DBacks to first place; and plummets himself into the NL MVP conversation

[Box Score]

Justin Upton has been incredible over the past 13 games; and he’s been hot since summer was initially just getting started.

What you’re seeing right now is a young generational talent in the middle of a pennant race. Last night’s home run off Ramon Ramirez in the 8th inning to put Arizona ahead 4-1 helped vault them back into a first place tie in the NL West with the San Francisco Giants. They’re winning big games on the road and last night they beat Tim Lincecum. Arizona’s confidence has to be riding high and things are clicking for them right now.

You have to think that aside from Lance Berkman, Prince Fielder, and maybe another guy or so; Justin Upton is right there in the MVP race and if the Dbacks can just hang on and find a way to win this thing he’s going to have a chance to win the award. That would be nice to see at age 23.

He is truly a lot like Junior Griffey when he was young and people should see why we went so irate when Kevin Towers considered trading him. This is fun to watch right now. Enjoy this ride.