Where do we go from here

After being swept by the Mets at home last week while we were in Las Vegas drinking our liver away (and effectively taken out of the trading game), the Reds come back on the weekend and complete a sweep of the World Champions. This is what they do–just enough to keep you and I invested. And you know I’m ready for the proverbial heartbreak that rests quietly at the end of every journey that one of my teams travel upon.

Did you hear the Reds thought about trading Joey Votto for Jose Bautista? Do you buy it? I do. They know he’s going to bolt for free agency when his contract is up. Putting Yonder Alonso (his bat is big league ready, right now) at first base and Bautista in left field for the Reds instantly makes them a better team, at least in my opinion if you cannot resign Votto.

The Reds open up a series in Houston tonight. Everyone is excited for some type of big ass-whipping that we’re going to give their pseudo minor-league squad. They’re Bourn-less. They’re Pence-less. And the Reds will not deliver on the sweep that is desperately needed to get them truly back in the conversation in the NL Central. I know it. You should know it.

I’m holding on to this season–albeit by a thread. My inactivity is in parts due to how hard I went in Vegas at my bachelor party and the fact that the Reds have soured me on baseball before August even began along with the NFL lockout ending recently.

I want to have a reason to enjoy this last month of summer in the Major Leagues. When my team is losing, I’m a real pisser. Give me a reason to get interested again. I hope it starts tonight against the Stros. I’m just not believing yet. I’m really not.

This is one time I would love to be wrong. But I think they’re done. And I want to personally commend Walt Jocketty for doing absolutely nothing–not so much as even throwing these 25 drown victims (plus one manager) a life raft. Didn’t have any trouble bringing countless studs and complimentary pieces to St. Louis. We’re going on over a year now that Jocketty has brought anyone to Cincinnati who has made this team better.