The Pendelum Swings in Milwaukee

What a tough, gut-wrenching weekend to be Cincinnati Reds fan.

You had the huge win on Saturday night sandwiched in between two huge losses on Friday and Sunday that were the sole result of Francisco Cordero taking a save-situation and blowing the game solely on his own.

It’s hard because the Reds were hovering around .500 and could have headed into the break a salvageable 1 or 2 games out of first place and with a lot of life. They could have headed in over .500, and they outplayed the division leader in a series once again. But Coco Cordero entered ballgames that his team worked 9 innings to build a lead and earn a win and he single-handedly took the ‘W’ out of the win column and gave his team two disheartening losses.

The Reds got a huge home run (and game) out of Jay Bruce on Saturday or they might have been swept altogether.

This All-Star break couldn’t have came at a better time. I’ll end this post with something that gave me a little hope even after yesterday’s game evaporated in the bottom of the 9th. Something that tells me that they still think they can do this thing: