How to Hit for the Cycle: What was Zoby Thinking Last Night In the 9th?

Our buddy Franco from over at Next Level Ballplayer is friends with Ben Zobrist. Last night when Zoby was going for the cycle and needing ‘only a double’ in the 9th inning, Franco fired him a text. Here is a story about Zoby’s (pictured above) quest for the elusive cycle.

Clearly, hitting for the cycle is one of the coolest things that a batter can do in the game of baseball. From the fans perspective it’s fun to watch and cheer for, because of the rarity of it. Nothing can spice up a 12-1 game in the 8th like a home player one hit away from the cycle. The last big league cycle I can think of was when Cargo did it last year in dramatic fashion- A walk off bomb to complete his cycle against the Cubs.

Last night Mr. Zorilla, entered the 9th inning against the Yanks 3 for 3 with a triple, HR, single, and walk. After an eight pitch at bat that included 3 foul balls, Zoby settled for a walk and leaving the ballpark a double short of the cycle. I’ve always wondered what those players are thinking when they come up late in the game with their cycle on the line… Curiosity got the best of me so I texted Zoby late last night. The following convo ensued:

Franco: A duck fart down the line is all you needed! True or False- You were trying to hit a double in the 9th inning tonight?

Zoby: False. Trying not to. It doesn’t work when you try to!

Franco: So you’re telling me your cycle philosophy is- “Make the cycle come to you” ?

Zoby: Exactly

Franco: Fantastic. I’m gonna right an article for tomorrow teaching aspiring ballplayers how to hit for the cycle (This was a joke!)

Zoby: Haha, go for it.

So there you have it. The key to hitting for the cycle is NOT to try to hit for the cycle. I hope you ballplayers at home are paying attention!