The Atlanta Braves are going to be alright

The Atlanta Braves sit at 43-33, 10 games over the .500 mark and four games behind the Philadelphia Phillies for the coveted first place spot in the NL East.

The Braves enter their three game weekend series in San Diego on the mend. And when these guys get fully healthy they’ve got the opportunity to be a downright scary squad.

They’ve weathered some tough storms in the early part of this season, and have still managed to play 10 games above .500 baseball. They’ve gotten barely anything out of Jason Heyward–who someday should evolve into the biggest prize in all of the game. It might not be this year, but it’s fair to expect that Heyward will perform better for the remainder of the year than he has so far. Another player who falls in that category is Dan Uggla, who has been way worse than his career norms.

If they can just remain reasonably healthy and continue to tread water at the current pace for a few more weeks, they’re going to get back Martin Prado and Tommy Hanson back by the middle of July. That’s when this team will open it’s sales and be running wide awake, we presume. By then, they could be the best all around team in baseball.

This squad is likable for many reasons.

One of those reasons? They’re our MLB: The Show ’11 team of choice (with the addition of Michael Bourn). Johnny Venters, Chipper Jones, Craig Kimbrel, Uggla, Heyward, Prado, Jordan Schaefer, Nate Mclouth, Brian McCann, the list goes on and on. It’s a nice nucleus they’ve compiled to run down those Phillies.

The Braves are going to be right the thick of things until the end of things. Count on it.

  • J

    Whoever wrote this article, u probly know nothing about the gameee, they clearly need to make a deal for a bat added to this lineup a.s.a.p, you make trades to improve not out of desperation wen it might be too late and have to fight for players via wavior wire

  • TheNaturalMevs

    Yea, they’re in real trouble. Ten games over .500 still and haven’t even begun to get contributions from several key members or play their best baseball. Atlanta might end up winning the East, you watch.

  • J

    Im def a braves fan, and have been for 20 yrs. If memory servs my corrctly the braves have been put out of the playoffs by WHAT??? Il answer it for you, A LACK OF HITTING. Pitching an def have been fine over the yrs. NOW is the time to add a bat while we hav tons of pitching depth. JUST like we did wen we acuired the CRIME DOG yrs back, and i think we remember what happened when we were aggressive at the deadline. If i were frank wren id be giving the dodgers a call real soon about matt kemp

  • TheNaturalMevs

    Kemp isn’t available. Most guys like Kemp aren’t going to be made readily available. No reason for the Dodgers to trade Kemp. The Braves should look at getting Bourn from Houston or even Hunter Pence.

  • J

    What are you there GM now? Lol how u know hes not available..The team is the whole team is available for the right price. At some point there goin to hav to shed payroll…that could be now. Bourne and pence are nice players but i want some more swagger on that team to go against that philly pitching staff, we hav the season record avantage against the phills now, but they’re healthy offensivly now, kemp is a bwtter player then pense and has almost as many SB then bourne, hes the type of player braves shud go after