A Very Bronx Doubleheader

Due to yesterday’s rained out game in Cincinnati, the Reds and Yankees will play 18 innings of baseball today. And does it get any better than a baseball day/night doubleheader?

Does anything make a true baseball fan want to play hooky more?

Today is a big chance for the Reds to make a move. Any time you get the rare opportunity to collect two wins in one calendar day, it’s a chance to really get momentum rolling and if the team you’re chasing in the division loses, you pick up 1.5 games. There’s no better feeling.

On the flip side, if the Reds continue to play like they have played of late and continue to not hit; and Dusty sends out the scrub lineup in either one of these two games the Reds will be lucky to get a split today and might just get swept and sent out of town. And we’ll be in an extremely foul mood.

One way or another, it’s an eventful and humid summer day in Cincinnati baseball. Let’s be positive. Today *could* be that turning point we’re all waiting for.