Jason Heyward could return tomorrow

There is a lot of excitement building with the possibility that Jason Heyward could return to the Atlanta Braves tomorrow. Heyward went 1 for 3 with a double, walk, and run scored for AAA Gwinnett last evening; and earlier in the week Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez speculated that it would be possible that Heyward would return as quickly as Wednesday or Thursday.

Coincidentally, tomorrow night is Jason Heyward bobblehead night at Turner Field.

Obviously if Heyward is back with the Braves tomorrow night (and I have one of my important fantasy lineups finally at near full-strength for the first time since the season began) we all owe a serious assist to Chipper Jones.

Whether Heyward was genuinely hurt badly–or just being extra cautious–we fall in the category of the casual fan that just enjoys baseball more when he’s playing right field for the Braves. Hopefully he’s just back on the field and being a full-fledged 21 year old OPS machine by the weekend at the latest.