Things one can learn watching Carlos Zambrano postgame after Marmol blows his win

-We should all know better than this.
-The Cubs play like a AAA team.
-Ryan Theriot, is not a 5-hole hitter.
-They’re embarrassing (reiterated several times throughout – team, owners, fans, etc.)
-That ‘We should know better, than what we do’?
-The Cubs stink

Take it easy, Carlos. No one threw you under the bus when you were giving up 7-runs in starts.

Honestly, a change of scenery would probably benefit both sides here. Since none of the mainstream big-whigs have done so yet, I’ll go ahead and be the first to say this: Carlos Zambrano (especially if he can continue to pitch well) will be one of the biggest arms available in July, and he WILL be traded to a contender or someone trying to add an arm in the race.

Hat tip: CSN Chicago