Memorial Day Weekend Wrap

I apologize for being so AWOL all weekend. That said, it was Memorial Day weekend, it happens. The Reds went 2-2 on the weekend. Sandwiching in a 12-ining loss and a 2-1 loss on Sunday Night baseball between two big victories. Jay Bruce continued to go completely off this weekend.

If you want to know my thoughts in a nutshell, huge effort from Mike Leake on Friday night and I wasn’t that surprised that he pitched well. I thought Janish was safe at home plate, but I was a bit inebriated at the time, and Bruce’s blast off Jair Jurrjens was an absolute bomb was it not?

Bruce is absolutely killing right now. Look at the leaderboards I posted above. He’s hitting everything. Outside, inside, high, low, fastball, offspeed, balls are leaving the yard like crazy. This is the month of his life and we want to see it continue for as long as possible. Last night he tripled, homered again, and hit a rocket single through the shift to go 3 for 4 with three more RBI and two more runs scored. He’s got to be the player of the month in the National League for May one would think. His 12 home runs this month are the most by a Cincinnati Reds player since Eric Davis hit 12 in May of 1987.

Other than that, we hope you had a few beers and got to go to the opening of your pool like we did. We love Memorial Day. And summer is officially here. The Reds began a 9-game homestand last evening, and it’s one of the most important homestands in recent memory for the Reds. They’re four games back in the standings after last night’s win. Honestly if they can just keep things around that point until they get their pitching healthy I won’t complain. There’s 109 games left to be played. A lot can happen. Just get the pitching healthy and don’t kill the bullpen. They’ll find a way to scrape runs. I’ll stop complaining about the lineup, or at least attempt to and realize we have it pretty good with Dusty Baker.

In other news, how about the offense yesterday? For all the complaining I do about offense being down in baseball–a lot of this due to fantasy baseball, I used to have 5 and 6 home run nights all the time and now I never do–bats were blowing up yesterday. If you owned Miguel Montero, Bruce, Brian McCann, Aaron Hill, Andre Ethier, Bobby Abreu or Clayton Kershaw this past weekend I would expect that you climbed in your league standings like I did.

Now that Memorial Day has came and gone, the stats you are seeing surprise guys put up are for real. It’s officially a bonafide break-out. And teams like the Diamondbacks (first place in the NL West) and the Cleveland Indians must be taken seriously.

It’s a great time to be a baseball fan. We hope everyone had a nice and safe holiday weekend, and we’ll grind it out this week and get through as much as we possibly can.