Jim Bowden weighs in on breakout players

How does this guy keep getting chances with XM Satellite Radio, ESPN, and Major League franchises? Anyways, if you care what old Leatherpants has to say about who he thinks are break out players, you’ll like this link. Aparently, ESPN has afforded Bowden with a new outlet to air his madness in a blog called The GM’s Office. Thing is, I’m about as qualified to write for the damn blog as Jim friggin’ Bowden is.

Nonetheless, everyone can appreciate the #2 player on his list. Although his explanation leading up to it is quite stupid. Does Bowden realize that Jay Bruce outplayed guys like Starlin Castro and Mike Stanton last year? Maybe in next week’s goody-bag will be about how he thought Wily Mo Pena and Austin Kearns were going to be future Hall of Fame players. [The GM’s Office]