Thom Brennaman is driving people batshit crazy

The first text I got immediately after the Reds loss in the 19th inning last night read like this:

“Thom trashing on Redlegs just like his papa.”

I didn’t find out until this morning that what he said was this:

“This will go down as truly one of the more embarrassing losses – for a good Reds team – in a LONG time.”

Maybe Thom has a point, but I think it’s an understatement to say that Thom is getting under the skin of 90% of the Reds fan base and generally annoying the shit out of them.

Call me crazy–but I generally don’t mind Thom. In fact–when the Reds are losing–he becomes a filtered, PG or PG-13 rated version of what I want to say. And he’s on air. You know one thing about Thommy and his papa Marty is you can hear when they want to strangle someone on the Reds during a loss. I actually like that. I can definitely empathize. I cannot fault his passion or the fact that he feels like he is a prominent part of the organization.

But a simple review of twitter, any Reds message board, or the amount of texts I’ve been getting from buddies indicates that Thom’s behavior on-air is spiraling out of control.

Another Reds fan writes:

I don’t know when Jay Bruce is going to stop hitting, but I’m sure that Thom Brennaman will be the first to all tell us it’s happened. Not to mention that everything with him has to happen “RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW”. I’m really getting sick of that phrase.

One thing about Thommy Gun, is that like his papa he probably won’t subscribe to much change in his style. He’s gonna continue to want to maim guys like Gomes, Janish and even Bruce at times and he’ll have steam coming out of his ears whenever Volquez gets called back up and starts giving up 1st inning bombs again. It’s inevitable. And we don’t mind it.

But we have never seen Reds fans become so increasingly frustrated with a play by play guy before. Not even Paul Keels. Not even with the ever surly Hall of Famer Senior Brennaman up in the booth beating on these guys verbally on a nightly basis.

The Reds better start winning and doing it in a sound fashion. Or they’ll continue to feel the wrath of the ‘Thommy Gun’. And no one will be safe.