Buster Posey’s season is over: when will MLB Clubs learn?

How many times have I said it?

You don’t put the best player on your team–your future especially or a franchise cornerstone–behind the dish to catch so they can get beaten and abused like a worthless piece of tarp.

I would love to the talk to the genius MLB personnel member of the Giants to get them to explain exactly why they thought this was a good idea. It’s not. They would probably end up saying ‘well someone has to catch’. And I would tell them that’s why guys like Greg Zaun and Ryan Hanigan were born. You don’t build your team around those guys. They don’t put butts in the seats.

Carlos Santana, Joe Mauer, and now Buster Posey. That’s just in the past year. There are more examples. The Giants had a perfect blueprint of why not to do this. I don’t feel sorry for them.

Never choose a catcher as your favorite player kids. They aren’t long for the league. It doesn’t matter how well they can hit. What is truly more baffling to me about this is that Posey was a guy who coming out of college could play about six other positions just fine. He didn’t have to be a catcher.

If the Giants bring back Posey as a catcher next year, they should be boycotted by any fan in baseball. Way to ruin a nice 24-year old player. And one of my most important fantasy baseball seasons along with it.