The Cleveland Indians Weekend Warpath

Yea so I feel like we saw the Cleveland Indians had an MVP candidate blossom right before our eyes (‘Ashtabula’ Cabrera as some of my friends are calling him) in going 5 for 5 yesterday and the Indians inevitably completed the sweep of the Reds up in Cleveland.

Jay Bruce has been hitting well (here’s video of home run #11). Joey Votto broke his homer-less streak. But after Friday night’s collapse, you knew that a tough weekend might be to follow. We were there on Friday night, and we just got a sick feeling after Austin Kearns broke up the Travis Wood no-hit bid and the Indians seemed to roll the entire weekend from there on.

We’ll get around to posting the pics and such from Friday night soon. But congrats to the Indians and all of their fans. For the time being, it’s time to get excited. You have the best record in baseball. There’s still time to lose 90 games but it’s looking more and more unlikely with each day that goes by.