One final, mighty roar from Giambles

You probably forgot that this guy even still played Major League Baseball, didn’t you? Tucked away on the Rockies roster, spelling Todd Helton from every now and then (some 750 odd career homers between them).

Jason Giambi hit three home runs tonight in Philadelphia. We’re gonna stop short of calling it a Ruthian performance. But there’s something about it that’s kind of cool, right?

Sure he had his run in’s with steroids, and parasites. Someone in every Major League town has a Giambi story through the years. But one of the great power hitters of our era took the field and hit three home runs tonight, showing us possibly one final glimpse of one of the most dominating guys of the decade before.

He’s got 419 career home runs now. There’s no telling how many more he can get before the wheel stops spinning for good. But for at least one more night, Jason Giambi was the most powerful man in baseball. Even at 40 years old.