Interleague Play has Arrived

This is Stan Javier, and if you’re wondering why on this day towards the end of May we’ve got a picture of Stan Javier on Diamond Hoggers; it’s because Stan Javier was the man who hit the first interleague play home run all the way back in 1997. And ever since that day, we’ve been fans of interleague play. It’s not as cool as it once was, but it’s still a neat concept. Plus it’s kind of the unofficial kickoff of the summer before the official kickoff of the summer, Memorial Day.

Take a look at the box score from that day. It’s a who’s who of 1990’s baseball fun. Darryl “Ham Bone” Hamilton. Dean Palmer. Rusty Greer. J.T. Snow. Glenallen Hill. Rod Beck. Darren Oliver (who still plays and pitches for the Rangers). Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds. And look at the Giants skipper that day, Dusty Baker.

A side note on that picture above. Look at Stan Javier’s legs and arms. He is beyond jacked. They just don’t make ballplayers built like they used to. And look at some of the names in that box score. Do you suppose that after the game there was a big steroids cocktail party out in the parking lot of The Ballpark in Arlington? Glenallen Hill carrying his big ghetto blaster style boom box and Stan Javier dipping the margarita glasses in some salt for the boys while Barry Bonds tapped down the syringes and got ready to inject a line of baseball back-theigh beef?

Anyways, interleague play is here. We’ll be in Cleveland tonight for the Reds/Indians tilt. Enjoy it everyone.