Bryce Harper will remain in the minor leagues for 2011

Last night when I got home from work I saw where Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo said the organization is going to exercise some patience with their ‘cant miss’ future superstar prospect.

When the Riz was asked if he’s ruled out Harper earning the promotion for 2011:

“Yes, I have,” the GM said Wednesday on ESPN 980’s The Sports Fix. “It’s not gonna happen, because he’s not ready for that to happen. He’s got to learn the nuances of the game of baseball. We certainly don’t want him to push him to a level where he’s overmatched and struggles even for a short period of time. We’re just not going to put him in a place where he has a chance to fail until we feel that he’s 100 percent ready for that level.

I think the Nationals brass knows the kid is ready physically and in terms of figuring out a way to hit big league pitching. I really do. But I also think there’s been just enough uncertainty shown through some character issues that the organization wants to make sure the maturity is fully developed as far as being an everyday pro and a superstar at his young age.

For instance, if they put this kid in the big leagues right now, he’s going to be playing close to every day. Some guys have the character make that they can handle the ups and downs around age 19 or 20. Some have moods and characters that can more easily affected by boos and fan reactions and media and everything that you don’t have to really deal with while playing in a stadium in the minors with a few less decks built on it.

The Nationals know they have a sure superstar in Harper. They’re going to wait to unveil him until next season when Stephen Strasburg is back. And that’s going to be full-fledged baseball prospect porn.

If you are a guy like me who was hoping he would sneak into action this year so we could start going after legit rookie cards and other collectibles that won’t be created until he makes his debut; or so that he could be created in next year’s MLB: The Show ’12 game, you’re going to have to survive another year to see it happen.